Operatørområdet ved Hot Cell ved anlægget begyndelse i 1964

The decommissioning of Hot Cell began in 2008 and will according to plan be completed by 2012.


The Hot Cell facility was in operation from 1964-1989. In 1993, the concrete cells were sealed after a provinsionally cleaning. The decommissioning began in 2008.

The Hot Cell Facility was used for investigating irradiated reactor fuel and for packaging of radioactive sources for irradiation facilities.

The Hot Cell Facility consists of six concrete cells seperated by heavy steel shutters. Objects were brought into the cells through an airlock and tranported on a small conveyer belt. The objects were handled by a master-slave construction and the operator could see into the cell through a one metre thick lead window.



The decommissioning of The Hot Cell Facility is in progress.

The six cells will initially be cleaned by glas- or sand-blasting. The walls and floors are highly radioactive poluted and no one can access the cells before the cleaning.The cleaning equipment must be brought into the cells through the narrow canals formerly used for the manipulator arms. This poses a unique challenge and makes it necessary to develop special remote-controlled equipment.

The Hot Cell decommissioning project is difficult as the area is surrounded by non-radiation staff offices. Special precautions must be made to ensure the safety of these employees.

Before cleaning can begin a great number of minor projects must be completed first. For instance, new ventilation systems, establishment of air locks and a new road for transportation of waste to the storage.